The Pragmatica difference

Complex situations need new ways of thinking to gain cut through to a better way forward.

We use a complexity-informed framing to offer new perspectives to traditional methods. This helps us address your questions in ways that are innovative while allowing for real-world time and budget constraints.

Our values and approach set us apart. They help you quickly have clarity on what’s happening, navigate what’s emerging, and gain a clearer understanding of the next possible steps.

Fundamental to our work is that we:

  • Believe that all citizens in Aotearoa New Zealand deserve to have equitable access to public services.
  • Are passionate about providing support to policy makers, programme managers and service providers to make a real difference.
  • Know getting change is hard and that we have more chance if we work effectively together to achieve this.
  • Use complexity-informed tools that can help policy makers, programme managers and service providers develop a learning environment to choose wise actions.

Curiosity | Creativity | Integrity

Our core values – curiosity, creativity, and integrity – shape how we approach our work.

  • Curiosity – we have a genuine interest and curiosity in discovering new perspectives and including marginalised voices.
  • Creativity – we create bespoke approaches for each assignment because each project is unique. We seek useful answers to practical questions to inform wise actions.
  • Integrity – we form trust-based relationships with clients so we can grapple with the hard stuff with integrity.

Our approach to your work

We have a collaborative approach to working with our clients. We take pride in being:

  • Straightforward – our methods and models are easy to use and jargon lite
  • Flexible and adaptable – to accommodate real-world time and budget constraints
  • Robust, rapid insights – our proven way of working helps you navigate through puzzling situations, fast.

Straightforward  |  adaptable  |  rapid insights.