At Pragmatica we are focused on generating findings that inform wise actions. 

We seek to: 

  • provide useful answers to practical questions
  • make explicit the values that inform our work

We achieve pragmatism in our work by asking:

“What are the practical consequences and useful applications of what we can learn about this issue or problem?”  Michael Quinn Patton (2015)

Ongoing education and continuous improvement are embedded in our ethos, allowing us to develop trusted relationships with our clients based on delivering ongoing value.


This short list of ‘simple rules’ guides our interactions with colleagues, clients, friends and the world at large.

  • Teach and learn in every interaction:  We listen deeply and engage positively with diverse groups in a variety of settings.
  • Search for the true and the useful: We are open to new ideas. We understand that what is “true” depends on the way you view a situation.
  • Give and get value for value: We engage in mutually beneficial relationships in our work.
  • Engage in joyful practice: We choose projects that really stimulate our interests and passions.
  • Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole: . We are commited to the good of the wider evaluation community as well as to our own business.
  • Share our story: We share our learnings, both in our daily work at conferences and in our writing.

These simple rules are our adaptation of those more generally developed by the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.