What We Do

Pragmatica undertakes a wide range of evaluation and research-based consultancy. Our expertise spans:

  • strategic evaluation advice for evaluation and monitoring design
  • strategic, policy, programme and service evaluation
  • outcome framework development
  • formative, developmental, adaptive and summative evaluation
  • facilitation and stakeholder engagement
  • training, mentoring and peer review

We are drawn to complex projects that involve new ways of thinking, working together and innovation.


Straightforward | Insightful | Timely

How we can help you

Managers and staff in Government and community sector organisations are finding that what they expect does not always happen in the ‘new normal’ of the COVID-19 era. We no longer operate in a controllable, stable, predictable or certain environment. Conundrums abound.

Complex situations need new ways of thinking to gain cut through to find better alternatives.

Pragmatica works at the intersection of evaluation, research and facilitation.  We draw on complexity theory to offer new perspectives to traditional methods, but we don’t use a lot of jargon.

Our style of facilitation helps you navigate through puzzling situations to make wise choices. We ask important questions to explore seemingly intractable situations. We help you find new perspectives, to gain a clearer understanding of your situation to enable action.


We work with central government, local government, NGO’s and private organisations.  We are experienced in the education, health, mental health and primary sectors. We have experience evaluating environmental issues and regional development.  Recent focus includes assessing contestable funds and research into better ways of contracting within the public sector.

Pragmatica is a Policy, Research and Development provider on the New Zealand All of Government (AOG) consultancy services business and finance panel.


Pragmatica Limited is based in Wellington,           Aotearoa New Zealand.