Our People

Pragmatica Limited is an independent evaluation, research and facilitation consultancy based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Pragmatica supports decision-making for strategy, policy and programme design, implementation, and monitoring with a particular emphasis on evaluation and research use.



MPhil (Distinction), PGDipSSER (Distinction), BBS.

Judy is an evaluator, qualitative and quantitative researcher, facilitator and author. Based in Wellington, she is the founder and Director of Pragmatica.

Judy conducts and provides strategic advice on evaluation and research projects. She offers training and mentoring services to build evaluation capacity. Judy is a skilled facilitator who works with a wide range of stakeholders. Clients say her approach is flexible, timely, and focusses on their needs.

Judy has over 25 years’ experience consulting with central and local government agencies, NGO’s and businesses, both in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. She is familiar with the education, health, primary, environmental and regional development sectors, and is experienced in evaluating contestable funds.

Judy founded Pragmatica Limited to offer clients innovative ways of working using adaptive and responsive evaluation and research. She specialises in using complexity theory methods and models to help organisations make sense in uncertain, unpredictable and challenging settings.

An experienced public speaker, Judy shares her approaches and insights at national and international conferences, both in-person and online. She has authored articles on evaluation, and the challenges of contracting out — framed through a complexity-informed lense.

Judy is a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA), the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and the Australian Evaluation Society (AES).

Judy was joint winner of the 2019 American Evaluation Association Outstanding Evaluation Award.



Judy Oakden, Pragmatica Limited


Collaboration is at the heart of the Pragmatica business model. Judy coordinates with other leading independent Aotearoa New Zealand evaluators and researchers and builds teams as needed. This well-proven model delivers high-quality services to clients.


Judy is a founding member of the Kinnect Group, which is known for providing cutting-edge contributions to evaluation theory and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. The Kinnect Group is an Aotearoa New Zealand-based evaluation consortium comprised of five independent evaluators. They collaborate on consultancy work, professional and business development, bringing together complementary skills, shared infrastructure and a commitment to doing great work that makes a difference.


Pragmatica also has long-standing collaborations with other Aotearoa New Zealand evaluators and researchers including:

  • Kellie Spee
  • Debbie Goodwin
  • Dr. Alicia Crocket
  • Dr. Will Allen


Pragmatica is also associated with the Human Systems Dynamics Insititute (HSD), a US-based, interdisciplinary and global community of scholars and practitioners.  HSD is reknowned for offering effective methods and models for use in complex settings to identify patterns, decide what to do next and the act.

Judy received Professional Certification in 2015. As an Associate, Judy participates in HSD projects and helps run online training with other Associates. She also has access to a global network of scholars and practitioners.