Pragmatica Limited is a Wellington-based evaluation and research consultancy established by Judy Oakden in 2007 (previously trading as Judy Oakden Consultancy) to bring her skills as a highly experienced research and evaluation consultant under an umbrella organisation and to more effectively work with peers and client organisations.

Pragmatica also coordinates with other leading independent New Zealand evaluators and researchers to combine their time and expertise as required on a project-by-project basis. This well-proven collaborative model has operated successfully in our field for many years to deliver comprehensive results for clients.

Judy’s evaluation practice has a strong focus on utilisation. She is a skilled facilitator, knowledgeable in the development and use of evaluative rubrics to frame evaluations, and adept in the use of sense making processes during analysis.  Judy regularly develops evaluation systems and frameworks, conducts research and evaluation, and mentors others in developing evaluation systems and evaluation rubrics.

Judy has a BBS Marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Sector Research and Evaluation (with distinction) from Massey University. She brings a wealth of consulting experience (over 25 years) across a wide range of organisations to each engagement.

Recently Judy achieved Professional Certification from the Human Systems Dynamics Institute (USA). Judy draws on the Human Systems Dynamics Institute’s approaches, which have roots in complexity theory and provide models and methods to help people make informed choices. She finds Human Systems Dynamics helps people get desired changes in challenging situations.


Judy Oakden, Pragmatica Limited


Pragmatica Limited is a member of the Kinnect Group, a professional cluster formed by leading evaluators: Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana, Julian King, and Judy Oakden.

Pragmatica also has longstanding collaborations with other New Zealand evaluators and researchers including:

  • Kellie Spee
  • Debbie Goodwin
  • Dr. Alicia Crocket
  • Dr. Will Allen

Judy Oakden is an Associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute, and through this linkage Pragmatica Limited is able to call on a wide range of practitioners internationally.