Our Values

At Pragmatica we aim to produce quality work that informs wise actions. We seek to:

  • make clear the values that inform our work
  • provide useful answers to practical questions.

We develop trust with our clients because we deliver lasting value. We commit to further education and continuous improvement as our way of working.


This shortlist of ‘simple rules’ guides the ways we work with colleagues, clients, friends and the world at large.

  • Teach and learn in every interaction:  We listen deeply and engage with diverse groups in a wide range of settings
  • Search for the true and the useful: We understand that what is “true” depends your view. We are practical in that we seek what is also useful
  • Give and get value for value: We seek mutually worthwhile relations in our work with clients
  • Attend to the whole, the part, and the greater whole: We care about the good of the wider evaluation community as well as our own business
  • Engage in joyful practice: We choose projects that stimulate our interests and that we have a passion for
  • Share our story: We share what we learn both in our daily work, at conferences, and in our writing.

These simple rules are our adaptation of those of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.